Keep the importance of ecological balance

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The word itself says “BALANCE”. What happens to you when you lose balance ?, the same or worse happens to the environment, all natural links are altered. If it is just an imbalance, land tried to modified to the point of returning to the initial equilibrium with mutations and changes in species, as well as with changes in climate order. But if we insist, as we are doing today, receive a setback of Mother Nature. She somehow or another will seek to return to equilibrium, so nothing assures us that these changes can be supported by humans.

Nature is like a chain consisting of many links in which different species are related to each other. Contribute to maintaining this ecological balance is one of the responsibilities of humanity today, if we want that life is still possible.

Economic activities developed by man generate goods and services that ensure our welfare. These, every day are more complex and require the use of more advanced technologies, so that should maintain a high level of productivity. However, many of these activities are a source of pollution, which is a problem that affects life on the planet.

Each and every human being has the opportunity to take action so that this balance does not occur as sudden changes and natural disasters affect us.

You have in your hands to nature, it you do not.

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