Arctic ice could disappear by 2015


Arctic ice could disappear by 2015.

Peter Wadhams , professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University , warned that the Arctic Ocean is warming twice as fast as other areas closer to Ecuador and you could lose all of its ice in summer 2015.

This phenomenon could have catastrophic effects chain for the rest of the planet, as a weather extremest, a rapid rise in sea level and increased the rhythm of global warming, it would become an unstoppable and out of control.

The British researcher estimated that the Arctic ice thickness decreased 43 percent between 1970 and 2000 , a huge loss that the teacher attributed to the higher temperatures of air and sea in the northern polar region.

Devastating consequences, for name some:
1. The list of animals threatened by global warming include: The polar bear, beluga whale and the emperor penguin, reindeer, to name a few .
2. The sea level would rise quickly to melt the polar wires.
3. The climate of the whole earth will be affected , atmospheric and ocean currents undergo drastic changes, with a strong warming in many sectors.
4. Had great changes and migrations of plants and animals.

The melting of the Arctic could have an overall economic impact of $ 60 billion , a cuantity that affect developing countries , according to a study by the journal Nature.

Can we do something?

Yes!! Some of the actions we can take and create a collective force are:

Recycle more – Change your bulbs – Plant a tree – Use your car less – Czech your tires – Avoid aerosols and solvents harmful to the ozone layer – Prevents burning – -Use less hot water – Turn off your electrical appliances – Limit consumption water – Solar energy use and promote it – Purchase products from recycled materials. – Using wind energy. – Use hybrid petrol and electricity

and finally…


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