Empowering Communities – Fighting Climate Change


It’s no secret that we’re going through a series of complex climate changes that affect society in all respects. A level economic, social, cultural, environmental degradation prevents us healthy development of the economy, which in turn generates more poverty rate, food shortages and of course a constant land degradation.

Is everyone promoting initiatives that help create awareness environmental and explore sustainable options to combat climate changes. One of the most successful ways to achieve this is through the strengthening of rural and indigenous communities and the recognition of their rights.

Studies suggest that by empowering rural communities, the rate deforestation is hundreds of times lower compared with those lands that are supervised by the government or by private entities.

This analysis by the World Resources Institute ( http://www.wri.org/sites/default/files/securingrights_executive_summary.pdf) suggests that rural communities are more successful conserving forests and land. The study ndicates that indigenous communities Guatemala and Brazil have a deforestation rate of 11-20 times less than those territories not formally belong to any community. Even more impressive, parts of Yucat√°n the index is up to 350 times less!

Indigenous people are the groups most care means environment and this is nothing new. There is a big difference in the how societies view urban environment. Unlike the latter , indigenous societies do not distinguish ecosystem as a resource, but as an extension of self. Caring nature and respect for the land , far from being tools extraction are the main foundations for living in harmony.

In Ejido Verde work from the indigenous experience management sustainable land . We create working models that generate sources income and also ensure the protection of the environment . If you want to know how YOU can get involved , write a message to

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