Create the first application that allows you to monitor global deforestation


If any program that accepts most countries within the United Nations Convention on Climate Change ( COP 16), is the program brake on

The reasons why a massive scale deforestation occurs are many, most are related to the immediate need of the farmers or local populations to support their families. Similarly indiscriminate felling the forest for more space in which to grow or grazing livestock. On the other hand we find logging for commercial woods that provide products and wood pulp .

If we continue at this pace, tropical jungles and rain forests could completely disappear within one hundred years.

It is also important to recognize that the negative effects of deforestation not only give locally, the UNO estimates that about 18% of emissions of greenhouse gases currently are linked to changing land use, mainly by forest loss. When cut or burn a forest carbon in trees is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and this is the main greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

In many cases , deforestation generates more emissions of greenhouse gases generated by the transport sector.

More than 60 governments have joined the Global Fund for Nature commitment that aims to achieve “zero net deforestation” in 2020. But not always have the tools to assess the impact.

That is why through advanced and with the help of engineers from Google Earth techniques, together with the Department of Geography at the University of Maryland has developed a detailed map that shows the evolution of all forests since 2000 .

Unfortunately evolution has not been positive and we can find a frightening deterioration as regards the conservation of forests. However thanks to the initiative of the academic group and Google, on the map of is available exactly at what point has been significant deforestation and in what places the phenomenon occurs at alarming rates .

This represents a breakthrough for civil society as it not only allows us to specify the evidence with governments committed to the goal , but allows
anyone with a computer or Smartphone clearly see where parts of the world grow forests and where have been destroyed.

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