5 tips for a more sustainable way and healthy life

5 tips for a more sustainable way and healthy life

A sustainable lifestyle is defined as one that tries to address the needs
basic while minimizing the use of natural resources .
Much more than a simple concept, a sustainable lifestyle involves creating an identity
through responsible use we give to resources, is a social and transformative election
that does not compromise the needs of future generations .
With these incredibly simple tips you could contribute responsibly to society,
create sustainable habits and even save money.

1. Drying clothes in the sun.

We live in a society where we wash our clothes quite often. Not only
that, but because of time and convenience also use the dryer for
facilitate the process. The first of our tips is drying in the sun.
This simple method is something that not everyone can afford to do, is why
we must seize the times of sun and heat we have in Mexico and let the clothes
dry naturally. This prevents the annoying wrinkles dryer, to wear your
garments, losing color, the cost of repair and maintenance of the machine and
The best of all ¬°it’s free!

2. Collect rainwater and reuse water in the house.

We all know how important it is to save water, but sometimes our
intention is to care , much water is wasted in our day to day.
Collect rainwater is quite simple, only to leave buckets outside the
home and wait a few hours we have a water source that can help us
watering plants, washing the car and to clean outdoor furniture.
Reuse household water is equally simple, in the shower while waiting for the
water reaches your desired temperature can leave a container do the work.
This water is perfect for cleaning floors, windows and water plants.

3. Short Showers and closing the water.

We know how pleasant it is to take a few extra minutes in the hot water, however, but our third tip will thank not only the environment but your pocket
you also. Shortening the time spent in the shower and turn the water off while we
soaping can make a big difference to conserve this valuable resource.
Try to reduce him every day for a few minutes when the shower, you can see
make a difference and to have more time to do other things.

4. Share your car, use bike or use public transport

A great initiative that represents a significant energy savings and lower emissions
CO2 is seeking alternatives to the private car. If you already are someone who uses public transportation , you’re fine. If you are riding the bike, even better as well you stay healthy. But if you are someone who drives the car
alone every day , share the tour is an excellent choice for you. Search your
workplace someone who lives nearby and share the journey. Not only can you contribute to the
CO2 reduction , the city traffic but also save money by sharing the
gasoline costs .

5. Turn off your appliances and unplug them

Most of the equipment we have at home are still spending power even when
are off. This is because they are never really off entirely
and at rest continue to consume energy. Be the TV, DVD, equipment
Music, boots or kitchen appliances, to name a few, is
important to always unplug. Doing this requires minimum effort and help largely to protect the planet. Now imagine that every home we did, the energy savings would be surprising.

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