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Keep the importance of ecological balance

The word itself says “BALANCE”. What happens to you when you lose balance ?, the same or worse happens to the environment, all natural links are altered. If it is just an imbalance, land tried to modified to the point of returning to the initial equilibrium with mutations and changes in species, as well as…

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Arctic ice could disappear by 2015

Arctic ice could disappear by 2015. Peter Wadhams , professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University , warned that the Arctic Ocean is warming twice as fast as other areas closer to Ecuador and you could lose all of its ice in summer 2015. This phenomenon could have catastrophic effects chain for the rest of…

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Ejido Verde BLOG Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: The boom of Collective Financing

Suppose you have a project you want out below, have the well grounded idea and started to implement and even all seems being worked. But after a few months a tiny obstacle what could terminate the dream appears: you don’t have the money or the Enough Project Support . What do you do? Traditionally you…

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Renewable Energy and Solar Panels

Renewable Energy and Solar Panels What is it and how to implement them at home? This isn’t only more efficient and economical energy, but energies that are here to stay . We know there are primary energy , also known as fossil fuels; oil, coal and natural gas. These energies come from finite resources and…

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Empowering Communities – Fighting Climate Change

It’s no secret that we’re going through a series of complex climate changes that affect society in all respects. A level economic, social, cultural, environmental degradation prevents us healthy development of the economy, which in turn generates more poverty rate, food shortages and of course a constant land degradation. Is everyone promoting initiatives that help…

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Create the first application that allows you to monitor global deforestation

If any program that accepts most countries within the United Nations Convention on Climate Change ( COP 16), is the program brake on deforestation. The reasons why a massive scale deforestation occurs are many, most are related to the immediate need of the farmers or local populations to support their families. Similarly indiscriminate felling the…

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5 tips for a more sustainable way and healthy life

5 tips for a more sustainable way and healthy life A sustainable lifestyle is defined as one that tries to address the needs basic while minimizing the use of natural resources . Much more than a simple concept, a sustainable lifestyle involves creating an identity through responsible use we give to resources, is a social…

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