Who we are

Ejido Verde is a triple-bottom-line, sustainable pine resin company positioned to become a lead supplier in the $10 billion USD global pine chemicals market arising from an intergenerational heritage trade relationship between Mexican industry and forest communities.

What we do

  • Commercial Agroforestry Plantation Design

    Ejido Verde restores degraded lands with an adaptive reforestation model to maximize long-term pine resin yields without harming the trees. We integrate best-in-class technologies and traditional ecological knowledge to maintain 3,148 hectares of commercial agroforestry plantations on 482 family farms with a goal of establishing 12,000 hectares in five years.

  • Community Lending

    Backed by thousands of investors from 66 countries, Ejido Verde provides communities with zero-interest loans to plant and maintain new forests. We also guarantee a fair market price for all resin tapped from new forests. Ejido Verde is now invested in 11 rural and indigenous communities in Michoacan, and growing our community lending portfolio.

  • Community Building

    Ejido Verde provides training and education to strengthen effective community decision-making and forestry management practices, By forging relationships based on reciprocity, Ejido Verde ensures communities grow healthy forests to produce transformative wealth and holistic well-being.

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